Ownership and Management

This journal is a private journal that has been established by some graduated persons with at least Ph.D. degree to obtain and publish the latest papers in the field of Medicine and Life Sciences.

As this journal do not invoice authors or reader to pay any charges so to manage the publication staff we have asked a professional company named Danesh Negaran Owjj to handle the technical jobs in journal for free and fortunately they had accept this offer and they have dedicated a small part of their free time in the week to manage this journal.

The editor and editorial board are responsible for the editorial duties of the journal like handling peer review process, taking decisions about the submitted manuscript, checking the manuscript for plagiarism, finding the proper reviewers and sending the reviewers comments to authors. Beside Danesh Negaran Owjj are responsible for making PDF and HTML files, preparing website for journal and online tasks.

The website and online submission system is powered by Scientica that is a private company that has online solution and services for scholarly journals.

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